Looking forward to 2017

All good things must come to an end, including the 2016 honey harvest! Sign up on the form to the right if you want to get an email as soon as my first 2017 harvest is available, though.

I do have plenty of beeswax available; If you need beeswax for projects like candles, moustache waxing, waterproofing, sewing, cosmetics, rust prevention, crayons, hair care, etc., I have a bunch of cubes, one ounce each, available for sale! Contact me (see the form to the right) about your needs.

Also, be sure to grab some of the goat-milk soap made by Moon Milk Creamery, which features beeswax from our bees; some varieties like “milk & honey” feature our honey as well. You can pick these bars up at the house as well.


I purchased two jars as gifts for friends who were specifically looking for local honey and they are still licking their lips!

AMLH, Alameda

Just wanted to let you know how delicious the honey is!  Thanks so much.  It’s great drizzled over Greek yogurt!

Stephen, Oakland


We love our Sweet Home Alameda Honey! The kids are not the only ones sneaking an occasional spoonful out of the jar ;) It has a delicious tang, and we love that this honey is the product of our local Alameda bees. My daughter proclaimed, "This honey tastes so much better than the honey bear honey!"

LB, Alameda

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